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The golden age of the bodybuilding magazine is over. Here at brutal muscle we want to introduce the magazine experience but in a digital format. Remember when the magazines were super thick and the pros would answer the fans questions, talk about their workouts and there was a whole host of great information? Us too! This is why brutal muscle exists, to showcase EVERYTHING BODYBUILDING to the modern audience and cover every aspect, be it informative or pure entertainment. We are all in this together, welcome to Brutal Muscle Online.

  • Interactive forums for all members covering ALL topics including members logs, training, nutrition, supplementation and PEDs.
  • Q&A’s with the Pros
  • Weekly video content from our athletes form training, lifestyle and information.
  • ‘In The Trenches’ , Guest videos with top Pro bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors from across the world showing us their unique insights.
  • The ‘Chemical Warfare’ section where you can discuss PED’s, health supplementation and harm reduction from experts in the field.
  • Articles from the best minds in the industry covering any and all topics.
  • Interviews, show coverage and contest reviews.
  • All of this EXCLUSIVELY at Brutal Muscle Online.


Dorian Yates – HIT Back